Tips for spending wisely

There is a need to understand that spending in an uncontrolled and haphazard manner could spell disaster for your finances. One should spend with certain degree of planning. Following are some of the tips that will help you master the art of spending.
Personal Budget
Majority of us are not good in budgeting. Off-the-cuff spending may land you in serious financial trouble. Tracking where you have spent your money may not qualify as an interesting way to spend time, but it is important nonetheless.

Everyday spending

Sign up for credit cards that offer rewards points that can in turn be used for a variety of common expenses, whether clothing or groceries. If you have a larger goal in mind stick with a card that rewards points for that specific purpose.

Don’t succumb to impulse spending
It is now considered trendy to hangout at malls, coffee shops and lounges. And window displays and latest blockbusters are known to test the resolve of even the strongest.

Rely on public transportation

Don’t depend too much on taxies or three-wheelers. A monthly bus pass is much cheaper than your monthly gas bill. If you live near public transportation, then try to avail the facility to avoid the extra expenses.

Do a price check
Have you ever noticed that the things, you buy from a grocery or hardware store, might be available at a lesser price in other shops. So, do a little bit of check before you go for buy your daily rations or product.

Make a list
Don’t buy extra foodstuff. Do a weekly market and buy whatever you consume. Make a list of everything you buy on a regular bases. List non-food items and food items. Do not buy food the rats can get into.

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