Invest in direct equities via systematic route

Now, you can go for systematic investment in direct equities too.
Called Equity SIP, this instrument allows investment of a fixed quantity of desired stocks at regular frequency. The first-of-its-kind scheme has been launched by ICICI Securities on its broking platform ICICIdirect.

It’s the first such initiative in India, ICICI Securities said. It provides an opportunity to retail customers to invest systematically and in a disciplined manner in specified stocks and exchange traded funds (ETFs), the company said in a statement.

Under the plan, an investor can purchase a specified stock/ETF at regular intervals over a period of time. The scheme offers two options. Under the amount-based equity SIP, a fixed amount (or approximately the same) is invested in the desired stock at regular frequency while under the quantity-based option same number of stocks can be bought at regular intervals.

The frequency of investment can be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. The scheme is available on a plethora of stocks, gold funds, exchange traded funds. The plan will allow investors an option to systematically start the journey of creating wealth, the release said.

“Though there is an appetite for equity investments in India, timing the market brings an element of speculation and thus many potential investors hesitate to make a fundamental investment,” ICICI Securities equity head Vishal Gulechha said.

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