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Fri, 21 Sep 2012 00:30:46 -0600
ICFL aims at educating the youth on investing in the stock market through this unique initiative
ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning (ICFL) has launched StockMIND, a nation-wide contest aimed at college students enabling them to showcase their stock investment skills. ICFL aims at educating the youth on investing in the stock market through this unique and interesting initiative.

"One of the objectives of ICFL is to demystify the Equity markets. While we are conducting number of programmes which include classroom and online training for various age groups of Indians, we felt that a programme aimed at the today’s younger generation should be fun and fast-paced. StockMind aims at being a healthy competition and will also provide the participants with investments knowledge," said Vineet Arora, EVP and head of products & distribution.

All participants for this competition will have to register and play the game on "", an online platform that replicates the experience of online share trading by using virtual money. As a precursor to the competition, a seminar would be organized in all the colleges before the contest is rolled out. The seminar would cover basics of equity investment and the importance of equity investing in managing personal finances better.

After the seminar, students from various college will compete online through a game which will help them acquire practical knowledge. The closing of the event would include a presentation from the expert faculty of ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning wherein they would evaluate the best and worst investment decisions taken by contest participants. The event will help participants understand the process of making equity investments and necessary insights for better investment decisions.

"We will be reaching out to thousands of students through several leading colleges in India. Since the objective of the game is to help students understand the equity markets, the whole competition will be played with virtual money. The winner from every college will bag the title of StockMIND,” said Neeraj Joshi, head of ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning.

ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning is an initiative of ICICI Securities set up with an objective of simplifying financial knowledge and increasing financial literacy amongst prospective or experienced investors & knowledge seekers.

Various knowledge programmes like stock investing, derivatives, mutual funds, insurance planning, retirement planning and tax planning are offered by ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning. ICICIdirect conducts training programmes in over 45 cities across the country to empower retail investors to take informed decisions on their investments through the ICICIdirect Centre for Financial Learning. These programmes are available in classroom and eLearn mode.

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