The Team

Rakesh Shukla

Rakesh Shukla is a veteran business journalist with over 20 years of experience. He has covered the banking industry extensively as a senior business journalist with newspapers like The Telegraph, Financial Express, Business Standard and Dainik Bhaskar. Shukla has witnessed the nationalisation of Indian banking industry, its opening up to the private sector and the arrival of multinational banks in India. He passionately observes the trends and changes in the industry and writes for leading publications.

Udoy Shankar

Udoy Shankar is a 32-year-old business journalist, who spares enough time within his busy schedule to write and edit for He has covered Indian finance ministry for over five years now and possesses an MBA. He also trades in the stock market.

Neha Sharma

Neha Sharma is an alumni of Indian Institute of Mass Communication. She is a commerce graduate and keenly follows developments in the mutual fund and insurance industries. While not at her desk writing and editing copies, Neha passionately listens to music and reads non-fiction, mainly biographies.

Anup Sinha

Anup Sinha is a pratising mutual fund professional. He also has a knack for writing and has a regular personal blog, which covers everything from pets to his food hunts in north India and the occasional trips to the wild. He adores Jim Corbett, the great Indian tiger hunter.

Vivek Sahu

Vivek Sahu has been in the insurance industry for over 12 years now. He once published an insurance newsletter on his own for his clients and has a great understanding of the Indian insurance market. He has a passion for writing and even written a novel, which has not been published yet.

Reema Agarwal

Reema Agarwal has a certification as a stock market analyst, but she landed up with a lazier professional career that she claims she enjoys fully. “Word play is fun,” or so she claims. Just 23 years old, Reema is very enthusiastic about her work. But that’s second to her craze for social networking.

Ajay Sahni

Ajay Sahni is a fresh Delhi University graduate. He wanted to join a bank, but chose a career in media. He has a keen interest in stock markets and tracks mutual funds.

Suneel Yadav

Suneel Yadav wants to be a commodity trader and entrepreneur. Coming from India’s rice belt, he knows the potential in the agro-commodities space pretty well and today he dreams of changing the face of rural India by empowering farmers through commodity trading. The young boy is also freaky about Bollywood movies.